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Begin Your Trading Development


Trading Basics Part 1 -

The first of twelve videos from FNL

Trader Creator

peer-to-peer sharing system.




Are you serious about trading?



You are entering a dynamic network of real people

who engage in trading, sharing, & interacting

with genuine people who share very similar priorities.


For some of our members, trading is work;

for some, trading is fun;

for most trading is challenging.


For FNL, trading is a way of life.


FNL Featured Trader Friend:

Anthony Crudele

Anthony Crudele, Creator & Host at Futures Radio Show

Anthony first started trading the E-mini S&P 500 in March of 1999. He was one of the youngest members of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Constantly surrounded by the most influential traders and brokers, he gained the knowledge, experience and know-how to trade successfully and continuously.  Anthony has been a Futures Trader since 1996.

Anthony created Crudele  Productions in 2014 and hosts Futures Radio Show and Develop your Edge.  Futures Radio Show is a weekly show where he shares his extensive experience as a futures trader and provides insight into what’s happening in the markets. Each week, Anthony  invites other market participants to engage in a discussion around current market trends and how to use futures to manage risk. Topics will range from technical analysis, fundamentals, regulation and other key topics in today’s markets.



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FNL Cryptocurriculum

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When can I be ready to trade with live money?

Beginners Optimal Live Track (BOLT)


    • 250 Total Trades (Playbacks and Simulated Live Trades)
      • More is Better!
    • 200 Playback trades
    • 50 Simulated Live Trades
    • Achieve minimum 50% Win Rate with proper Risk Management
      • Results will vary based on your decision-making and the number of trades you’re taking
      • Our goal is for you to trade at 50%-60% or better
    • Trade Tracking
      • We recommend you track ALL of your trades in the FNL Track Record.  (Available for download in both Excel and Google Sheets format)

This is just a recommendation from those that have come before you. Practice doesn't make perfect, but practice makes sense.