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Wednesday, June 09 2021
Dallas Social Recap by Rob B

Dallas Social!    June 1-5, 2021

O.H. Ivie Reservoir, TX

Lake Lewisville, TX


Wow, what a fabulous week of meeting with Traders, Eating till I was stuffed like a Thanksgiving Turkey and fishing every day!

As Sunday, May 30th approached, I was excited to start my journey to Glendale, AZ to pick up fellow trader and FNLCrypto lead, Chris and head to Texas.  I was coming from the mountains in Northern California, towing my bass boat and new I needed to get an early start, so I left at 3am Pacific.  After 12 hours of driving, I rolled into Glendale, AZ and spent some time with Chris and his lovely wife Daisy.

We hopped in the car and sped off to Twin Peaks Bar and Grill for an impromptu Phoenix Social!  What a great time hanging out with Kevin J, Madeleine F, Jack M, Karate Ken, Ron K and his lovely wife Jan, and one of my favorite bro's, Marino! 

It was so awesome just hanging out, getting to know these traders that I have truly grown to love and care for.

After our awesome Phoenix meetup, time for bed as Chris and I would start our 13 hr trip to O.H. Ivie Reservoir in West Texas and meet up with fellow trader and friend, Stoney H. OH Ivie is known for its monster bass, so we were stoked!

Absolutely loved the remoteness of West Texas and arriving at O.H. Ivie we met Stoney and launched the boat..  A thunderstorm immediately ensued and we decided to call it early and get a good nights rest and hit the lake first thing in the AM. 

Of course Mr. Murphy would have other plans for us.  On the trip, somehow the steel support for the nose of the boat cracked and was hanging on by a thread.

I cant say enough about the kindness and generosity of Texans.  The owner of the marina/motel/tackle shop we were staying at for then next few days was able to weld the steel support back in place better than ever!  I just love Texans!!!

Over the next few days we battled thunderstorms and very tough fishing.  We did catch about 20 fish for our 3 days at O.H Ivie, but even more important was the bonding Chris, Stoney and I had.. We ate at some hole in the wall type restaurants and the Texas hospitality just kept coming! 

We packed up the boats and headed to Little Elm, TX, about a 4 hr drive and 30 min east of Dallas. We had reserved an AirBNB on the lake and had about 10 folks staying at the BnB..

What a fabulous time we had spending time with Randy S and his wife Beverly, David J and his wife and grandaughter, Doug G, Lydean S and Stoney and many others.  Folks stopped by Friday and Saturday to mingle, drink, eat and build relationships.  Just about everyone got a ride in the boat and fished (although the fishing was extremely tough)!

I cant say enough how wonderful the folks in Texas are and the food was absolutely amazing.. Beverly and Stoney were constantly in the kitchen making, cooking and grilling the best Texas has to offer.

I’m super stoked for our next social, Sept 23rd -26th in Palm Coast, FL. Lori B will be hosting and you can be assured there will be lots of hijinks going on!


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So glad we made this Dallas meet with the FNL traders. Meeting Rob, Chris, Randy, Lydean, Stoney, David, Doug and the rest of the friends and family that showed up was nothin' but fun. We had good food, good games, good weather, and excellent trading talk. My wife is a native Texan and had a blast. I've been FNL sharing and collaborating online, and meeting in person was icing on the cake. FNL is the real deal if you are looking for a transparent, talented, fun group of traders to join. Come online and check us out!
Posted by Timothy Moore on 06/25/2021 - 11:49 AM

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