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Tuesday, January 05 2021
Untold Tales from the Frightened Trader

Untold Tales from the Frightened Trader

So trading is scary stuff, am I right?  Ok, so maybe the act of trading isn't so scary but the thought of risking your hard earned money is scary.  Coming around to the idea that you might not succeed at this at first, is scary. And what if you NEVER get good at this?  Having the realization that you are no where near as patient and disciplined as you thought you were is super scary!  Finally, actually losing your hard earned money is downright terrifying.  

Where did all those accomplishments I made in life go, (with seemingly effortlessness at that)? Had something changed? Did I forget how to succeed? Could I no longer accomplish a goal I had set for myself? Had I become mentally lethargic?  I didn't think so.  I still work in a job that requires assessment of complex medical situations and diagnoses.  I have been trained to think critically.  So what am I doing wrong? Why can't I make this work? Oh...psychology you say.  Yeah this is 90% psychology and learning to retrain your brain to be used in ways you haven't previously been required too.  So yeah, all that can be challenging, and that's where I fall currently.  I have won some, lost some, won it back and lost it again.  I'm still here though.  

That's where FNL has made a difference.  No, The difference!!  This group of people has made all the difference in the world.  It is a group of like minded individuals in that we all have a shared goal of making trading work for us.  But we come from a myriad of backgrounds, skill sets, careers, and talents. We all have the goal to share those talents and skills with others in the group.  They are there for encouragement and mentoring where they may excel, and learning from someone else who knows a different way of doing things.  We respect one another and thus far it is like interacting among a family unit.  Even better than the one who gathers at my Thanksgiving table too, let me tell you  Ha ha.  

Here, I know I can learn at my own pace and operate on a level comfortable for me and know someone always has time for me.  I can persevere and apply that same tenacity that has gotten me everywhere I wanted to be in life.  This too will work out and I will be successful.  I truly believe that with the right group of people behind you and with you, failure simply isn't an option.  

At the onset of this journey into the trading world, I was envisioning riches and luxuries similar to having won the lottery.  Then I made the startling realization that this takes effort and work.  I was willing to do all that...and I have.  I vacillated between wild hope for my future, to doom and gloom at my abject failure.  It's still sometimes a roller coaster but I have learned a zone now that keeps me on a more even keel and that is in no small way due to FNL.  In any event, it's a ride that has benefitted me financially in so many other ways, but more than that, I feel enriched in the knowledge our members impart, and building relationships, and learning how this is all going to be life changing.  It already has been life changing.  Thank you all for that!

Lori Bauer

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"At some point, you will find your life is changing and you have to roll with the punches or get knocked around pretty badly as the waves of time get rough and rougher.

Getting younger is not an option. Getting old is the best option, but it comes with conditions. (read the fine print:)

When that time comes, look at what we do here in the FNL trading group and understand it is a chance to start over and start bigger than ever. If you want to earn extra money or re-start your career with  great pay increase, then you can learn how with an awesome group of people that are committed to each other and learn together.  On patrol or on deployment; a battle buddy or your patrol partner is a must. We recommend one for trading also." -David Jeffries, TX